Four Tips For Buying Guinea Pig Cages

It really is essential that you provide your cavy with appropriate housing like a cage. This will prompt him to be much more active and more healthy. There are a handful of issues you require to consider when acquiring guinea pig cages. Some of these issues incorporate size, flooring, and layout. This post will give you a few tips for getting a cage for a guinea pig.SizeSize is 1 of the most essential considerations. Cavies want a good deal of place to run all around. If you want him to be far more lively, then you should buy the biggest cage attainable. At the quite least, the 1 you choose need to be 18 inches broad and fourteen inches high. Some pigs like to jump, so reasonably tall walls will avoid them from escaping.FloorOne of the up coming items you want to think about when purchasing a cage is the kind of floor it has. You require a cage that has a strong flooring. Nonetheless, these pigs have really tender ft. This means that you ought to avoid wire or mesh flooring as it will probably injure your pig’s ft.DesignYou need to also appear for guinea pig cages that have extra factors of interest for your pet. Plastic ledges and shelves are two excellent choices. However, these further components shouldn’t avoid your pig from getting adequate area to transfer all around the cage.Cavies also require a spot to cover. So, some toys can also double as a hiding area. Plastic pipes with thick partitions are a great alternative for this. If you want a simple hiding place for your pig, you can just set a cardboard box inside the cage.BeddingWhile you happen to be out acquiring a cage, you might as properly get some bedding. There are plenty of bedding alternatives you can pick from. These include hay, towels, and shredded paper. The shredded paper should be ink-free of charge. As a matter of fact, something you use for bedding should be nontoxic due to the fact guineas enjoy to chew on factors.

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