Four Tips For Buying Guinea Pig Cages

It really is important that you provide your cavy with proper housing like a cage. This will prompt him to be more active and much healthier. There are a number of factors you require to consider when getting guinea pig cages. Some of these things include size, floor, and style. This article will give you a handful of suggestions for buying a cage for a guinea pig.SizeSize is one of the most essential considerations. Cavies need a great deal of room to run around. If you want him to be far more lively, then you should acquire the premier cage possible. At the quite least, the one particular you decide on ought to be 18 inches wide and 14 inches higher. Some pigs like to leap, so reasonably tall walls will avoid them from escaping.FloorOne of the following items you need to have to take into account when purchasing a cage is the sort of ground it has. You need to have a cage that has a solid ground. Nonetheless, these pigs have quite tender feet. This implies that you need to keep away from wire or mesh flooring as it will most likely injure your pig’s ft.DesignYou ought to also appear for guinea pig cages that have extra components of interest for your pet. Plastic ledges and shelves are two very good options. However, these extra elements shouldn’t stop your pig from obtaining enough place to go about the cage.Cavies also require a spot to conceal. So, some toys can also double as a hiding location. Plastic pipes with thick partitions are a very good option for this. If you want a straightforward hiding location for your pig, you can just set a cardboard box within the cage.BeddingWhile you might be out acquiring a cage, you may as well get some bedding. There are a lot of bedding options you can choose from. These contain hay, towels, and shredded paper. The shredded paper ought to be ink-totally free. As a make a difference of truth, anything at all you use for bedding should be nontoxic since guineas enjoy to chew on factors.

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