Four Tips For Buying Guinea Pig Cages

It really is critical that you give your cavy with appropriate housing like a cage. This will prompt him to be far more active and much healthier. There are a handful of issues you need to contemplate when buying guinea pig cages. Some of these issues contain dimension, flooring, and style. This post will give you a number of ideas for getting a cage for a guinea pig.SizeSize is a single of the most critical issues. Cavies require a good deal of space to run around. If you want him to be much more energetic, then you need to buy the largest cage feasible. At the really minimum, the one you select must be 18 inches broad and 14 inches high. Some pigs like to bounce, so reasonably tall partitions will avert them from escaping.FloorOne of the next items you want to take into account when purchasing a cage is the sort of flooring it has. You need to have a cage that has a reliable floor. Even so, these pigs have extremely tender ft. This indicates that you should keep away from wire or mesh flooring as it will most likely injure your pig’s toes.DesignYou need to also look for guinea pig cages that have additional factors of interest for your pet. Plastic ledges and cabinets are two excellent options. Nevertheless, these extra factors should not avert your pig from possessing ample area to shift all around the cage.Cavies also need to have a place to hide. So, some toys can also double as a hiding spot. Plastic pipes with thick walls are a excellent choice for this. If you want a easy hiding location for your pig, you can just set a cardboard box inside the cage.BeddingWhile you happen to be out purchasing a cage, you may as properly get some bedding. There are loads of bedding choices you can select from. These include hay, towels, and shredded paper. The shredded paper ought to be ink-free of charge. As a issue of reality, anything you use for bedding ought to be nontoxic simply because guineas adore to chew on issues.

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