This post refers to a sample merchandise sent by the business for consideration. Content is not affected by advertisers, public relations reps, or other parties and is based on experience. No matter where you seem you can’t find that cage lining for the guinea pigs what happens? You create your own if you’re aka GuineaDad, Si Hyung Lee. GuineaDads Fleece Cage Liners – Si Hyung Lee Founder and executive officer of GuineaDad, 3 guinea pigs are cared for by an on-line shop selling cage liner products for animals. He knew he’d to find a bedding alternative that was absorbent and to clean, when the youngest of Sis guinea pigs, Tofu, obtained bacteria conjunctivitis.

He wasnt satisfied with the quality products he maintained finding, when Si started searching for a bedding, and he wasnt with do-it-yourself happy alternatives. He set out to make a guinea pig cage liner that was better. Therefore was born GuineaDads Fleece Cage Liner. Si contacted us some time ago asking if his item is reviewed by wed. We were intrigued in After he advised us that the GuineaDads Fleece Cage Liner is anti microbial bacteria, odor resistant, and absorbent. We wanted to see if his claims held up to a HappyCavy cage test. On to the results! – Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the white part of the eye.

Since guinea pigs are so minimal to the ground, its essential that the bedding they’re on can be cleaned on a regular basis and thoroughly so that they do not pick up infections. Packaging Score – Score: 5 out of 5 – Once package hit our doorstep, one thing stood out: GuineaDad actually cares about their product and they are a professional at branding. The liner was cautiously packaged in a paperboard box bearing the GuineaDad logo for optimum Instagram readiness. Clever! – With the fleece came two letters. One summarized that the story of GuineaDad and Tofu and explained why they feel this item is much better than other fleece cage liners.

The other letter was an information sheet which outlined the item benefits and care instructions. We received the 23 C&C liner with a pink pocket, which is designed to fit a 23 cubes and coroplast cage at approximately 27 inches by 41 inches. During that the time of writing this review, this lining retails for $49.95. Quality – Score: 5 out of 5 – The outer layer of that the fleece lining is made of a stitched neutral grey diamond pattern fleece. Attached to that the top of that the fleece lining is a brightly coloured Pink hidey pocket with a prominent GuineaDad logo patch stitched to the fabric.


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