Guinea pigs are adorable, aren’t they? They waddle in your life and the one became your friend, before you realize it. Nobody wants to see their friend losing patches of hair. Among the attributes we love, the coat of the guinea pig is in the end. In addition to, guinea pig loss of hair can be a signal that there’s a problem that should be addressed really quickly. There are several causes of loss of hair in guinea pigs which are normal and you really don’t have to be alarmed about it. There are several that, unless treated can prove detrimental to your friend.

Let’s have a look at some causes of guinea pig loss of hair! Parasites – Clearly one must consider that parasites might be the problem behind the loss of hair. These parasites are usually in the shape of either mites or lice. Skin irritation and loss of baldness, before long, but with a treatment your guinea pig must be right. Your local animal vet can offer the prescription to deal A product I’ve success with is – Fungal Diseases – . Most of the time, you’ll notice it appearing on the face. Shampoos and anti fungal creams are called for.

Bacterial Diseases – Cryptococcosis and Staphylococcal are the two most common kinds. Loss of hair occurs however it may be treated with a span of antibiotics. Poor Diet – A diet which does not contain. It is possible to see our guinea pig food list that is recommended here. Injuries – Your guinea pig may have injured himself in while playing his cage with his toys. Check accessories and the cage for any parts which may cause your pet.

In addition, if you keep one or more guinea pig in exactly the same enclosure, they sometimes fight. Even though not a frequent problem it can occur. Your guinea pig loss of hair might be credited to a battle scar, wherein case it’s best to separate them, and allow the hurt party have his own space. Even though not exhaustive, exactly the above list covers exactly the more numerous reasons why you might notice loss of hair on your guinea pig. Letting your guinea pig get an examination by a pro will assist to address any health problems that could be accountable for the loss of hair before they become a major concern.

Guinea Pig Hair Loss Action Plan – Youve noticed exactly the loss of hair, now what? Check the cage and accessories for the parts could have caused injury. 3.


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