Guinea pigs supplies are a number of pets and the cutest which you may have. Guinea pigs come from the Andes mountains – 2. Were you aware that the name for a Guinea pig is the name for a Guinea pig that is female is a sow, a boar? Were you aware that there is a baby guinea pig called a pup? You can tell there is a guinea pig happy since they purr. Guinea pigs need to consume water to stop getting thirsty, but really from ingesting marijuana, get lots of water. Guinea pigs aren’t actually pigs. They’re rodents. Guinea pigs will eat all night and day.

What They Need

They’re vegetarians and love green grass and veggies – 9. They’ll squeak to get their attention, when they sense their proprietor is nearby. Image: flickr rochelle hartman – 10. They’re very social animals and love the business of others, even humans. 11. They will bite since they think your hands is food and do not bite in defence. 12. They need a nutritional supplement of vitamin c since they don’t make themselves to it. 13. Guinea pigs love to take place as they love contact. 14. After they’re born guinea pigs need to be removed from their mothers a month, as they may attempt to partner with her following.

15. Guinea pigs don’t like the weather when its hot or cold, they like it. 16. Guinea pigs are quite simple to handle as they’re very tame. 17. The way to settle down it if its wriggling is to bring your hands stop wriggling when you are holding a guinea pig. 18. Why are guinea pigs called guinea pigs? Many people think which the term guinea is in fact a mispronunciation of the nation of Guyana that is in south America in which Guinea pigs come from – 19. Guinea pigs have the skill to live on their very own up to 5 days after being born.
20. The period of time which a guinea pig would be pregnant for would be 70 days. 21. A female guinea pig is capable of producing a litter of up to 4 young guinea pig pups. 22. They have a tendency to breed in the months of the summer. 23. Did you know that physicians from the Andes mountains in South America have been known to use guinea pigs to find diseases in people? What they do is to place the guinea pig up against the sick person and it’ll let out a squeak when they close to in which the disease is. 24. There are places in South America which eat guinea pig for meals – 25.

Did you know which guinea pig pups can operate after 3 hours of being born?


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