Has your guinea pig been eating his feces? Are you sure that what he’s doing? Do guinea pigs eat their poop? Some animals, such as guinea pigs, partake from coprophagy as part of their nutrition or either independently regimen. If your guinea pig be eating his poop? From doing this, Otherwise, could you prevent guinea pigs? Do guinea pigs eat their own poop? Yes. But they don’t actually eat their poop, per se. Guinea pigs need to eat the food before it digested. As a result should be considered as a pellet. It is more easy on the ears to say that your guinea pig is eating nourishment pellets to referring to it.

Eating one’s own feces matter is called coprophagy. What’s coprophagy? Coprophagy is the action of eating one’s own excrement as explained above. Many animals practice this. For many, like the guinea pig, it’s normal and healthy. To be able to benefit from the nutrients many creatures need to digest their food. Don’t be alarmed if you see that your guinea pig currently doing this. How much coprophagy is normal? In general, a guinea pig won’t eat anymore of those pellets than is needed. A general rule would be to make sure that your guinea pig drinking water that is fresh and is eating his diet.

Coprophagy assists your guinea pig digest the food from the diet’s remainder. The pellets are better for your pet’s health while guinea pig foods incorporates pellets. Can I stop coprophagy in my guinea pig? It’s natural and necessary for that your guinea pig to participate in coprophagy. This was true, even with these guinea pigs being fed commercial pellets. Consequently, unless your veterinarian recommends it, you ought to never try to stop that your pet from eating pelleted excrement. Your pet’s veterinarian will be capable to tell you how to help that your guinea pig meet nutrient needs, as well as any other steps you may take. I originally posted a version Of this through Yahoo Contributor Network – Content Manifested by Brand Shamans. The Brand Shamans might help take your web site, brand, product, or business you can another level.


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