Loaded With Character, Guinea Pigs

Enormous hide balls with folded ears and small, paw-like hands and feet. The guinea pig is a cute critter that asks for a crowd of people.

Disney furnished with the 2009 arrival of “G-Force,” a fun flick that made guinea pig characters the stars of an undercover work plot. Protection mammoth Geico banked in on the pets’ cute nature as well, with clasps that show persevering rodents hectically paddling vessels.

Regardless of snickers, the guinea pig is neither a pig nor from New Guinea. It is a type of rat, having a place with the caviaporcellus family. By and large, it develops to 8 to 11 inches in length and can satisfy eight years. Their fluffy hide ranges from dark to white to darker or a blend of the three. Some have fluffy tufts on top, as well.

Exacting vegans, guinea pigs like to chomp on pellets, Timothy roughage and a few products of the soil vegetables. They need crisp water day by day, and like people, can’t make Vitamin C for their bodies. To keep away from infections like scurvy that can prompt draining gums and open injuries, they should get Vitamin C from enhancements and select sustenance sources.

Proprietors frequently rave about their guinea pigs’ characters, as they are known to sit, wobble, shroud, spring up and even squeak (to pass on their needs and needs). While most are stationary, guinea pigs do get a kick out of the chance to have space to meander. A pen estimating around 30-by-15 creeps at 15 inches tall ought to work. Confines must incorporate sheet material, as well.

At Arlington Park Veterinarian Hospital, veterinarian Donald JOHN sees a considerable amount of guinea pigs.

“They’re amusing to have,” says John, who himself has possessed a guinea pig or two. “They’re anything but difficult to deal with and more strong than a lot of little rodents. The guinea pig may nip a bit, however, it is never horrible. They’re pleasant and make fascinating clamours.”

JOHN says guinea pigs are moderately solid pets yet they can get respiratory diseases or bruises on their feet (known as air pocket feet) on the off chance that they don’t have appropriately cleaned bedding or confines.

With regards to bedding, he proposes choosing cotton cushion over cedar shavings that can disturb skin.

Dependable Proprietorship

JOHN says pet proprietors for guinea pigs (the ones in charge of giving everyday sustenance, water and confine support) ought to be at any rate age 10, in spite of the fact that they could be more youthful whenever checked by a grown-up.

Nate JOHN of Palatine got his first guinea pig as a youngster. Presently, he and his significant other Amy have two. “They’re siblings,” JOHN clarifies of Teddy (dark coloured and ruddy orange) and Reuben (for the most part dark).

He concedes that companions are frequently astonished by their pet decision. “It’s sort of strange. Individuals don’t have a ton of involvement with them,” he says. “They don’t have the notoriety that felines and mutts do.”

Be that as it may, with regards to the guinea pig, JOHN says, “They build up their own characters. They’re charming creatures and we like the ones with the destroyed haircuts.”

The JOHN family cherishes the time went through with their little pets, however, they realize it will sometime end. “That is the pitiful part about it,” JOHN says, having encountered the demise of a guinea pig preceding. “You know they’re not going to dependably be near.


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