Types of guinea pig

The following are some short portrayals of guinea pig assortments that are accessible. Guinea pigs arrive in a scope of coat hues, eye hues, and hair surfaces.Then I show you the most beautiful types of guinea pigs in the world


Abyssinian guinea pigs are anything but difficult to spot because of their eye-getting, energizing hair developments. The hair of these creatures develops in rosettes outwards from their body, which means their outline is phenomenally spiky and furrowed. Abyssinians come in heaps of various hues and shading blends, for example, dark and red, white and red, or dim.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

An Abyssinian (top)


On the off chance that you’ve seen a guinea pig out of a shop or at a companion’s home, it’s probably going to have been one that has a place with the American breed. These guinea pigs have short, smooth hair and come in nineteen unique hues and blends. They’re a very mainstream type of guinea pig, and their short coats make them generally simple to keep in incredible condition.

In the event that you’re considering appearing American guinea pig, at that point it ought to stick to one of the shading details (a set structure for how each diversely hued creature should look) and have a short, smooth coat.

American Guinea Pig

Americans are extremely mainstream guinea pigs


Coronet guinea pigs are fundamentally the same as Silkies, in that they have extremely long, smooth hair that can reach to the ground. In any case, in contrast to the Silkie, these guinea pigs have what resembles a crown in the focal point of their brows. This is a fix of hair emanating out from an essential issue, frequently conflicting with development from the remainder of their bodies to make edges.

Coronet Guinea Pig

Coronets have what resembles a crown of hair

Hairless Guinea Pigs

There are a few types of guinea pig that are chiefly bald, with the exception of from a sprinkling of hide all over and their feet. These creatures are not hypoallergenic as some would have you accept, and they’re very hard to take care of appropriately. They need uncommon warm settlement and a high vitality diet, just as being truly defenseless to contamination. Some accomplished proprietors might most likely care for these creatures appropriately, however we can’t prescribe them to tenderfoots. These assortments are disputable, as having so little hair makes them vulnerable to medical issues.

Smooth Guinea Pig

A few kinds of guinea pig have almost no hair


Peruvian guinea pigs are a since quite a while ago haired assortment, frequently with a very long, smooth coat. Because of the way that the hair on these creatures grows in numerous ways, if you somehow managed to develop out the hair (which many don’t suggest) at that point it would achieve a length at which your guinea pig would experience difficulty moving and you’d prone to be unfit to see their appearances. They have hair which becomes out of their brow, giving nearly a unicorn-like appearance if this hair is kept short.

The coats require preparing, particularly on the off chance that you plan to demonstrate this breed. Peruvians come in a wide range of hues, from dark, to red and white, to cream.

Peruvian Guinea Pig

Peruvians have exceptionally long hair

White Crested Guinea Pigs

White Crested guinea pigs are any people that have a little fix of white hair in the middle of their ears that resembles a little white crown – this is basically a guinea pig hair separating. Rather than developing in the standard route as in different pieces of the body, the hair emanates out from a solitary point.

Peaked Guinea Pig

The peak on these guinea pigs resembles a little crown


These guinea pigs are named for the presence of their jackets – Satin guinea pigs have sparkly, shiny hair that looks unmistakably glossy silk like. This element is because of the way that their hairs are empty, which makes the structures somewhat intelligent as well as can adjust the shade of the guinea pig. A Satin guinea pig of every a specific shading is probably going to appear to be somewhat unique to a non-Satin Self of a similar essential shading. In spite of the fact that Satins are frequently Selfs (known as Solid Satins), they additionally come in different sorts, for example, Satin Abyssinian, Satin Himalayan and Satin Tricolor.

These guinea pigs can appear, however, the breed is questionable and proprietors ought to be watchful for medical issues. Guinea pigs of this breed tend to have a bone ailment known as Osteodystrophy, so look out for a solid, hoppy walk and your guinea pig getting more fit.


Silkie Guinea pigs are a since a long time ago haired type of guinea pig that (if its hair is kept long) will require somewhat more work to keep spotless and clean. In any case, they’re extraordinary guinea pigs to take a gander at. Silkies have long, glossy hair that can be a few inches in length, and they exist in a wide range of hues.

In case you’re hoping to indicate one of these, you’ll need it to have long, smooth hair that doesn’t develop towards your pet’s face. The hair should all be of a comparative length, conceivably with the hair from the backside growing somewhat more.Teddy

Teddy guinea pigs are a breed that has a decent arrangement of wiry hair that covers their entire bodies. They are uncommonly sweet-looking creatures with a corona of lighten encompassing them, and they are conceived in a wide range of hues. They are exceptionally well known because of the surface and presence of their hair.

Teddy Guinea Pig

These guinea pigs are notable for their fluffy hair


These guinea pigs are since quite a while ago haired, yet with a magnificently wavy coat. These coats frequently structure little curls everywhere throughout the creature’s body, making them look much bigger than they really are! Texel guinea pigs arrive in a wide range of hues, and make extraordinary pets.

Texel Guinea Pig

Texel Guinea pigs aren’t as large as their hair makes them look!

Emerging Assortments

In spite of the fact that we’ve examined the well-perceived breeds, guinea pig reproducers everywhere throughout the world are making new and energizing guinea pig assortments at this very moment. Underneath we’ll cover a couple of the most fascinating and well-known assortments – the Lunkyara, the Magpie and the Ridgeback.

Lunkyara guinea pigs have a ton of fun, wiry coat that makes them look somewhat like strolling wigs. They at present come in a significant number hues, for example, white and dark, and gold. They are amazingly charming, yet as you may envision they need a ton of preparing and cleaning (or cutting) to keep them cheerful and sound.

Jaybird guinea pigs are clearly named for their hues. These charming little animals have smooth highly contrasting coats. Dissimilar to bicolour guinea pigs, jaybird guinea pigs have bunches of streaking and hybrid between their highly contrasting patches.

Edge Backs are named for the more drawn out hairs that grow from the back of their head and advancement along the spine, a plan that gives a furrowed appearance. They arrive in an assortment of hues and ought to have brilliant, glossy eyes and long hair between their shoulder bones.


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